The International Conference

Finance and Sustainability

will take place on December 13th, 2018 in Wroclaw, Poland

Keynote speaker: Richard Barker, How investors look at climate finance?, Climate Reality Leadership Corps, London

Richard Barker has a strong interest in improving public engagement in climate change and is an active member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps. He is currently an Adviser and Investment Committee Member at Iona Capital, a leading specialist investor into the UK’s renewable energy sector with over £300m Funds under management. Richard Barker was previously CEO of Biogen, the largest UK food waste to energy AD player. He has been CEO of France’s largest aluminium recycling company and also a chemical process technology developer. His early career was in investment banking in emerging markets with ANZ, one of Australia’s "the Big Four" banks, and also in strategic consulting with AT Kearney and MMG. He was a lecturer in Economics at University College Cork in Ireland and has a MEng in Engineering, Economics and Management from Oxford University.

The Finance and Sustainability conference covers a variety of issues related to recent finance problems among which: corporate finance, public finance, monetary and fiscal policy issues, risk management. In the sustainability field, we wish to cover issues related to sustainable finance, the transition to a green economy, corporate sustainability and sustainable development.

We would like to focus this time on sustainable finance which supports mitigation and adaptation to climate change and green energy transition. Katowice (Poland) is a host of COP 24 (Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). The meeting will take place between 3-14th of December 2018.
About 20,000 people from 190 countries will take part in the event, including politicians, representatives of non-governmental organizations, the scientific community and business sector.
The conference Finance and Sustainability becomes a part of public debate about climate and renewable energy issues in Poland and in the world.
The financial system is already in transition driven by economic and finance strategy oriented towards long-term sustainable and climate-resilient development and also by the digital revolution. According to the above transition, new concepts of finance have emerged in public debate such as green finance, sustainable finance, climate finance, carbon finance. Finance was always an instrument of economic decisions. The aim of finance in the neoclassic market economy was to maximize profits and shareholders value. The new approach to finance is purpose oriented, mission‑oriented, and value‑oriented which is opposite to the traditional role of finance. This approach supports sustainable development, green economy, low carbon economy also adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

The fields of scientific interest of the conference are:

  • Corporate finance,
  • Public finance,
  • Risk management,
  • Corporate sustainability,
  • Transition to green economy,
  • Sustainable development,
  • Capital markets,
  • Financial instruments, including green financial instruments (i.e. green or climate bonds),
  • Socially Responsible Investment (SRI),

We enable our participants to present their research results and we offer publication in the series of Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics. More information at call for papers.

Under the patronage of Koalicja Klimatyczna

Under patronage of The Climate Reality Project Europe

Conference place

This time we invite our guests to Wrocław...