XVI Conference in the series of: Financial Management – Theory and Practice will take place in Wrocław on 25-27 of May 2015.

We wish to create in Wroclaw a common platform for scientfic dispute and vivid discussion about financial management in companies and public sector entities. We enable our participants to present their research results and we offer wide range of publishing opportunities.


We are going to open the conference with two key note speeches:
First key note speaker – Professor Simon Benningafrom Tel Aviv University will deliver a speech entitled "What’s wrong with corporate valuation models?".

Second key note speaker – Professor Karsten Staehr form Tallin University of Technology will deliver a speech about currency exchange rate forecasting.

New topics

Continuing our scientific discussions in the field of financial management we introduce new issues and encourage participants to propose sessions and submit papers covering the new topics:

      Sustainable finance
         Health economics
            Low carbon economy / transition economy

We highly encourage scientists and practioners to submit papers and propose own sessions in the fields of:

  • Valuation and value based management
  • Eco-investments
  • Liquidity management
  • Risk management
  • International finance
  • Public finance – national and local level
  • Financial management in public sector
  • Sustainable finance
  • Health economics
  • Low carbon economy / transition economy

Publishing opportunities

Selected papers will be sent to the following journals for submission:

  1. Business and Economic Horizons (BEH)

  2. Engineering Economics (impact factor 0,771 (2013))

  3. Argumenta Oeconomica (impact factor 0,207 (2013))

All the good-quality contributed papers will be published in the conference proceedings. The proceedings will be submitted for indexing in the Web of Science.